For swap

1. Beaches

1.1. Raisin Clair beach
1.2. Les Saintes (small archipelago next to Guadeloupe)

1.3. Ilet Gosier

1.4. Anse a la Gourde

1.5. St Anne beach 

1.6. Sunset  (not always available, please check availability)

1.7. Traditional boat in the beach

1.8. Castle Point (the image on postcard can vary a little bit)

1.9. Red boat on the beach

2. Traditional costumes

2.1. Traditional Creol dress

2.2. Boy with lobsters

2.3. Little Caribbean girl

2.4. Girl in the beach (not always available, please check availability)

3. Traditional markets

3.1. St.Francois traditional market

3.2. Traditional market in Pointe-a-Pitre

3.3. Traditional market in Gosier

3.4. Ti Marche

4. Maps

4.1. Vintage map of Guadeloupe

4.2. Map of Caribbean sea

4.3. Colorful map of Guadeloupe

4.4. Map of Guadeloupe with images 


4.5. Map with woman & flowers (not available)

5. Animals

5.1. Guadeloupean racoon

5.2. Colibri 

5.3. Sea world

5.4. Local fauna

6. Landmarks

6.1. La Soufriere volcano

6.2. Cascade aux Ecrevisses


  1. Great postcards!
    Wish to have a written and stamped mapcard of Guadeloupe...

  2. Wow, it's a beautiful postcards.
    I already sent message to you via postcrossing, hopely you can reply my message :)


  3. wwoww....May i swap postcards with you ?
    Greetings from VietNam !

  4. good work and i liked them very much.. even i choosed some of them .. maybe we can have a swap :)

  5. Hi! I am living in Portugal and like postcards, bookmarks. I also am in Postcrossing. Would you be interested in exchanging with me? I like traditional folklore, touristic postcards, all about books and so on. Greetings, Carochinha

  6. You've shared great card archive. And I really like this collection
    Thank you so much for sharing


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