Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bathsheba coast in Barbados

Bathsheba is a ragged dramatic coastline in the eastern part of Barbados island in Caribbean sea.

Sent by myself from Barbados in 2013


  1. I wish I had such a weather when I was in Bathsheba... It is indeed a lovely place.

  2. That's a lovely shot of Bathsheba, one of my favourite places on the island along with Skeete's Bay.

    Those fruit stamps are quite nice too.

    1. I'd say that the fruit stamps are the nicest ones available at the moment.

    2. Yes, last time when I was at the post office in Bridgetown (probably it was the central post office, close to the bus station), they had rather limited choice of stamps. These ones with fruites were the best, there were also some nice with lighthouses.

  3. I was in Bathsheba in December, the weather was just like this :) It's really nice place, worth to visit!