Friday, March 14, 2014

Punta Cana from Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is situated the easternmost part of the Dominican Republic. The area is best known for its beaches and balnearios, which face both the Caribbean and Atlantic, and it has been a popular tourist destination since the 1970s.

Sent by myself from Dominican Republic


  1. Ah, you received one. Well there is another on its way...

  2. Not a problem, Francis! In fact I sent it from our cruise, when we stopped on small uninhabited island Catalina next to Dominican Rep. There was a strange man on the beach selling postcards and stamps, and after you write a card down you are supposed to put it... to the box from cereals. I sent one card to myself just to try and strangely it arrived after 2 months.

    1. That's a hilarious story Olga. So cool you received it.